Creality 360 Degree Part Cooling Fan Duct [Ender-3, Ender-5, CR-10]

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We created a part cooling fan duct with incredible performance attributes, particularly perfect air distribution at the nozzle tip from 360 degrees of airflow direction all pointed specifically at the nozzle tip!  This means perfect part cooling will always be achieved from the 4010 fans present on almost all Creality Printers!

  • Designed with Computer-aided Air Flow Analysis for optimum cooling results. There's no better stock part cooling fan upgrade!

Water displacement testing shows perfect airflow exactly at nozzle tip with even flow around from all sides! No more uneven cooling, or bridging support, from only one direction (or maybe a maximum of two sides "fang style" ducts). Which does not allow airflow from, all other angles, to receive adequate cooling! Cooling so strong it can allow your filament to freeze in place! For optimal bridging! 

  • Above all this product is formed from extremely high temperature-resistant materials that are also transparent!


Allowing you to see the air path, and for those who wish to mount internal LED lighting inside the stock hotend enclosure (For viewing the nozzle), this transparency allows for any lighting above it to be unobstructed!   

       Under our warranty guide, if installed correctly on any Creality printer that can fit this part cooling ring, with a silicon heat sock over the heat block, we assure you, it will not begin to ever distort, or warp in shape!  Like the way that 3D printed part cooling ducts inevitably do!  And why wouldn't they? They are almost always made from the same materials that your printer melts! 

Give your Creality printer the ultimate of upgrades, and never need any further cooling solutions once trying this part cooler! 

We are CERTAIN after trying this part cooling ring you will never want another cooling option while still using the stock cooling fan ever again!

We are CERTAIN, that after trying this part cooling ring:  You will never want another cooling option while still using the stock cooling fan!   Also, for those considering upgrading your fan to a larger one (e.g. a 5015 or 4020 radial style fan*) we would suggest trying this extremely high-efficiency part cooling ring FIRST! You may be surprised at how much more capable your part cooling abilities are; and find that oftentimes when modding to a larger fan size, that they are hard to tune and control, as they are simply too strong and most often not needed!

 * For example: Such that, 20% fan speed on the larger fan, while reasonable on the stock 4010 fans, for most PLA printing  [with boosting it above that for overhangs], would be a nightmare to tune on the very popular 5015 fans! As, at that speed, it would be over-cooling the filament as it is laid down! Causing blips  (When nozzle passes back over hardened surfaces vs still soft warm layers that can be displaced) and imperfect layer adhesion. As it freezes layers before they can bond together!   

 - Trust us on this: we have been there, don't that!

You may be surprised how effective your stock 4010 fan really is if its airflow is directed properly!  

- We hope you enjoy this amazing product!

Additional Notes:

  Again, We recommend using this part cooler with a silicon heat sock; So that the material isn't seated directly against the metal heater block.  Some yellowing over time may occur. Though, we have never found any discoloration to be visible while the part cooler ring is installed! 

This is to be expected from any part cooler that is in such close proximity to the very hot metal!  

While we don't see this being an issue for anyone, we wanted to note it.

[By not being an issue; We mean we have run all our machines with these for years and notice nothing when viewing the part cooler installed on the printer!]

But for those who want to be extra cautious: We have noticed that the addition of even a thin layer of Kapton Tape, or any other thin thermal shielding material that you might like to apply to the top surface of this part cooler [i.e., between the heat block and the part cooler];  This does dramatically help minimize any potential yellowing over time. 

We hope you enjoy this truly special product we assure you, you WILL Notice a notable anti-overhang effect (please enable this in your slicer; commonly known as 'Bridging') compared to the stock part cooling system! Many even prefer it over larger fans / highly customized part cooling solutions as it keeps the Creality / Ender stock appearance; Which is nice to maintain!

Be Aware:

Your part cooling fan will ship with a light coating of specialty anti-UV yellowing oil, this oil is harmless and is applied to maintain near-perfect optical clarity throughout shipping so they are sure to arrive in as perfect a condition as possible to view all internal geometries!  You can wipe this layer off on arrival, but we recommend leaving it on as it does help to treat the material against any fogging effects overtime. If anything occurs (usually those without a silicon sock your Ender-5 should have come with from the factory)  those that have direct metal against the part cooler may notice a harmless small or tiny period of VERY Minimal smoke that lasts only seconds as the oil is burned away; again only in those instances where a heat sock isn't able to be used

- If you notice that you prefer the part to have the enhanced clarity of this  "Glass-Like" appearance: You can substitute it at a later date for mineral oil. Or any clear, mild, oil-like petroleum distillate. We find this can rejuvenate the surface of a part that endures extreme heat!   

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