Ender-5 Dual Z Mod (Economy Version)

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Ender-5 Dual Z Kit [Economy Version]  - This kit offers the option for your Creality Ender-5 and Ender-5 Pro to utilize a Dual Z axis mod that includes a secondary Z axis and plate that reached your current cantilever bed platform, to support it on the side furthest from the stock Z axis [ Where it droops due to effects of gravity and the growing weight of models printed on the plate that cause the bending effect to grow with additional 3d printed model or material weight] to give a perfectly level and solid foundation without any bed / bed platform sagging being possible. It is a end solution to this problem inherent with the Creality Ender-5 and Ender-5 Pro 3D Printer Models! 

 See our Premium Kit for one solid replacement bed platform vs the economy version here for budget builds which only offers Dual Z support by simply attaching to your existing bed platform to lock it onto the New 2nd Z Axis! 

 It works perfectly well functionally, but please note for the perfectionists out there that want the best available, the one piece bed platform that spans the entire distance from stock Z axis to the new one is an option and is available here. It only differs by replacing fully your entire bed platform vs this economy version that blends your existing bed platform together with an attachment plate to merge the two; While it functions to sere the purpose of modifying your Ender 5 to have all the benefits from a Dual Z kit, it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing mod , as it does mean a hybrid system of a plate we provide and the existing bed platform, which, once connected does grant the functionality of Dual Z axes;

But it is intended for those who strictly want the mod to work and don't care to add the additional cost to get a full replacment bed platform made from the ground up to bolt to two Z axes as one piece like it was designed that was from Creality! This is a budget mod only! 

This mod is for those that want the benefits at the best price point available! 

NOTE: All plates provided in this kit (Z axis Bed Platform Connection Plate, and the stepper motor mount) are both milled from high grade Aluminum alloy, not plastic, or any other material - This is a fully metal kit, as we want to ensure our clients have the most ridged system available! 

If you are interested in a bit more premium of a build - You can never go wrong with the full One-Piece Bed Platform Replacement to make the modification look more properly done without the clip-on nature of this economy version that we are still proud to offer! But we urge you to look into the premium kit if interested as we believe it is more than worth the added cot to have a perfect new part machined from Aluminum Plate! That machined Bed Platform Plate comes with the Premium Kit Found Here

Give your Ender-5's stock cantilever bed the support it needs to not sag and create a non-level printing platform by adding our Second Z-axis to support your Ender-5's Bed From both Sides! No More Bed Droop / Sagging! 

Adding Dual Steppers also increases the ease at which the bed can be listed increasing fine motion accuracy!


* Bed Support Platform made from a 100% machined metal plate, that is made thicker than the stock bed support platform material. Meaning you also have the benefit of a more rigid frame! *

  • CNC Milled Plate Aluminum! Machined Right Here in the U.S.! 

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Kit Revision:
Version 1.0

Always feel free to Contact us for any custom work you might want as we do offer that ability to customize any and all orders for a small additional fee.

[Such things might include a desire to have the mod run from one stepper motor only, not requiring your purchase of a stepper motor splitter cable that isn't included in this kit as it is a hardware only kit; but many do want the ability to lock both axes together with a belt so they always move together by mechanical locking via the belt:  This offers some benefits, and an official release will come soon! We are however offering individuals that want this the hardware to have the pullies needed and mounting hardware that takes the place of the secondary Nema 17 motor this kit comes with  - we just are having issues sourcing the belt at a rate we can incorporate at this kit's  price point ! Also note: for anyone that has the current kit, when the belted version is released if you prefer it, you wont be unable to upgrade to that simple addition of a belt at a later time! So by no means is that a reason to wait to upgrade as we do take care of existing clients and will ensure its a bare minimal fee to change the drive method if its your preference to do so; but also notice all Creality printers that come with Dual Z axes stock operate with two independent stepper motors all the time without any issue! So its very much a preference not a certain improvement to go with the belted drive, with two motors you do have twice the lifting force! But  if you would prefer that to a Dual Z motor drive for the two Z axes as is included with this kit you wont be left out by ordering the kit as-is now! Don't worry, at G3 Productions we take care of all our clients to always keep them updated at minimal costs / mostly just material cost as we do treat you as a member here once you have ordered from us, and that comes with many benefits we honor here! ]

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