Ender-5 Z Height Expansion Kit : [ E5-800 Printer Kit]

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Want more printing volume on your Ender-5?  Try this Z height extension kit that extends the frame of the Ender-5  from the stock height of the 2040 Aluminum Extrusions from 400mm to 800mm Tall! This effectively DOUBLES YOUR Z Print Volume!

Estimates with safety margins show Actual Print Heights around 750mm to be conservative, but this can be pushed a little further if needed! 

Included with this mod also is our Premium Dual Z Bed Platform (Machined Aluminum) - BUT with an added  3 part connection system (For Precise Tuning of the Bed Platform Span / Width)  to ensure perfectly smooth motion and no jamming along the entirety of the printers Range of extended Z motion!   - See Photographs in the item listing above to view the changes to the Dual Z Bed Platform
- (Also Viewable in the 3D model below if you know where to look).

Note: For standard Premium Dual Z Plate Users Listed at Bottom red asterisk *

We consider this Ender-5 Mod to Transform the Printer so much that Although still an Ender at Heart, we and you can refer to it as the  G3 Productions Model: E5-800 

With a specialty look made only for this particular Printer mod Give your Ender-5's stock cantilever bed the support it needs to not sag and create a non-level printing platform by adding our Second Z-axis to support your Ender-5's Bed From both Sides! No More Bed Droop / Sagging! 

Adding Dual Steppers also increases the ease at which the bed can be listed increasing fine motion accuracy!

(This Kit is Still a Beta Startup Version! Any missing support will come in time)


PLEASE NOTE: The Photo on this listing shows a Belted Variant Mechanically connecting the two lead screws to drive off of one stepper.   As we have been unable to continue to source the looped 700mm Belting AND BECAUSE in this design it does not allow for tensioning of the belt: Currently if this kit is purchased each Lead Screw will be driven by a NEMA 17 stepper (42-40 Creality Z-Axis Motor) AND AT A LATER TIME we will offer a version of this belted mechanism for sale at minimal cost (just that of the parts and shipping) as we WOULD like this kit to include a belted drive between the lead screws. A variant of this is under development and can be viewed on the Premium Dual Z Kit Product page [Scroll To Bottom] to view the 3D model of this belted variant in design at this time!

        This also helps to understand the basic principles that will be applied to this kit later that a low how we plan on allowing belt tensioning to occur by setting the Z motor to offset the belt will be looped around and thus act as a tensioner by where you clamp the Z motor along the baseplate which we will include. 


* Bed Support Platform made from a 100% machined metal plate, that is made thicker than the stock bed support platform material. Meaning you also have the benefit of a more rigid frame! *

  • CNC Milled Plate Aluminum! Machined Right Here in the U.S.! 

Tired of photos never capturing the right angle for you to see the product fully? 
Try out our 3D Product Viewer!

View this Mod in 3D on our 3D Model Viewer!
- For Mobile, viewers Click Here to view in 3D in a new window if needed, or see the fully interactive model below.

Parts Included:

4 x  800 mm Anodized Black 2040 Aluminum Extrustions

4  x  10 mm Linear Bearings

4  x  10 mm x 835 mm Stainless Steel Chrome Rods

8  x  10 mm Rail Mounts 

2  x T8x2 mm Trapezoidal Lead Screws with Brass Nuts

2  x   Shaft Coupler

2  x  Nema 17 Stepper Motor

2  x  Nema 17 Motor Mounts

1  x  Creality Dual Z Motor Cable - Gives New Lead Screw an Independent Stepper to drive the Z Lead - [Parallels 2 steppers off 1 driver]

- (Soon to come - And will be made available to all who purchase this kit currently)

1 x  Mechanically
Synchronized Belted Drive - From the Existing Stepper Motor.

[Requiring no special wiring to power two Z motors off the Board output for the stock Single Z Motor]

Kit Revision:
Version 1.0

* The One Piece Bed Platform Spanner for your Premium Dual Z kit does not lack any functionality by being one piece. We simply have many many years of experience building Extremely Large Format Printers for High-end Professional use, and in doing so have learned that it is wise to allow some adjustment in the bed platform width, to leave some adjustment room to have it FULLY move along the entire length of the new height so that it never snags at the minima and maxima of its motion, or heights, as is common with slightly miss-alignments, we have not seen necessary to include in the stock height kit. Just because this Ender-3 Extended Height mod offers that functionality, we see no loss in performance with a one-piece system for the standard height Ender-5.

Upcoming, and experimental variants of this Machine include the:    E5-800H and  E5-800XY  For an H bot Kinematic System (Like on the discontinued Ender-4 we here at G3 Productions liked very much and solved any issues with the H-Bot Belted motion system by combining it with a ridged linear Rail (HIWIN MGN12H Rails and Carriages for both Y-axis sides ant the X-axis Gantry, such a ridged setup allows all the benefits of a belted motion system where BOTH stepper motors are always engaged for every motion of the Hotend, compared to the current cartesian style. And the Benefit of extreme Print Speeds not possible otherwise is attained!) However for those truly diehard CoreXY Motion System Fans that has a Dual Belted model where every motion has a counteracted force to eliminate any torsion forces placed along the gantry which in an H-Bot do try and bend the X-axis gantry from being perfectly perpendicular from the Y-axis; While more complex in structure, it is considered the Ultimate Motion System for precision and speed, with no notable deficits! This version also has both axes move along a (HIWIN MGN12H Linear Rail System) far superior in constrained and precise motion than the Creality "Wheel in V-slot aluminum channel" method that has helped the brand offer affordable motion but at the cost of precision, rigidity and ultimately repeatability of motion as well! 

  • For anyone seeking more information on the benefits of a CoreXY motion System over the standard cartesian movement systems that the stock Ender-5, as well as all stock Creality Printers, use (Besides the Ender-4 and Ender-6):   See our Core-XY Explained Guide on the different motion system types, understanding the principles behind CoreXY and similar Belted Motion systems (H-Bot).
  • A good guide comparing the benefits and drawbacks also can be found HERE.

Note: for anyone Purchasing this Printer Mod, if the upcoming versions seem interesting to you, you will not be excluded from the ability to benefit from these more advanced mods, as one can update this version to become either, without being left behind. 

Each kit is made to order and usually has 1-2 week processing time when there is high order traffic.

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