Ender-5 Dual Z Mod

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Give your Ender-5's stock cantilever bed the support it needs to not sag and create a non-level printing platform by adding our Second Z-axis to support your Ender-5's Bed From both Sides! No More Bed Droop / Sagging! 

Adding Dual Steppers also increases the ease at which the bed can be listed increasing fine motion accuracy!

(This Kit Version For Standard Ender-5 Model)


* Bed Support Platform made from a 100% machined metal plate, that is made thicker than the stock bed support platform material. Meaning you also have the benefit of a more rigid frame! *

  • CNC Milled Plate Aluminum! Machined Right Here in the U.S.! 

Tired of photos never capturing the right angle for you to see the p[roduct fully? 
Try out our 3D Product Viewer!

View this Mod in 3D on Our Ender-5 Model!
- For Mobile, viewers Click Here to view in 3D in a new window if needed, or see the fully interactive model below.

Kit Revision:
Version 1.0

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