FT-5 Heated Bed Plate

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This is a listing for the Folgertech FT-5 (R1 & R2), and mounts to the stock bed platform directly, as well as our Bed Platform.

We strongly recommend using it with and or first ordering the bed platform and the plate next as we strive for ultimate performance from our machines and want to ensure that benefit is granted to you as well. So we do strongly advise ordering our Bed Platform for this to sit upon to get the most benefit to your Z-axis movement and a perfect ???? the first layer every time with the flatness of this Bed Plate!
 (As well as any other made with the exact dimensions of the stock plate - While we haven't confirmed this ourselves yet, it should also be compatible with other manufacturer components, in case you already upgraded the bed platform from another provider) 

NOTE: This Bed Plate Requires the use of a 300x300mm Heating Pad to be paired with it, we recommend Keenovo as they are a proven quality brand.
To help you start out if you haven't yet looked into obtaining a heating pad you can view the heating Pads required From them directly Here (select 300x300mm and your choice of DC or AC power), OR Here on Amazon.
However, any brand will work so long as it is 300x300mm

We do supply this  Heating plate with a standard NTC100K Thermistor - So that you can apply it with thermal paste (recommended) to more directly and accurately measure the ACTUAL Bed Plate temperature (vs. as all heating Pads stock feature this unit mounted to their surface which is the lowest point on your printer below the bed and is not measuring the actual bed temp, only the under-side of the silicon heating mat!)

At G3 Productions, we believe in precision, perfection, while giving you total control over your FDM machines; and the means to obtain the most accurate temperature data!

Our Bed Plate Features Include:

  • Bottom Side 1.5x300x300mm Recessed Heating Pad Mounting  Location - [Flush Mount] **

  • Machined Groove / Path to mount centered glass bead styled NTC 100K Thermistor (Supplied) for direct Aluminum Plate Temp measurements
  • Alternate Thermistor Cartridge Mounting Location - For E3D (Standard Cartridge Thermistor Size of 3mm wide by 10mm long) Side insert, that is placed on the back side of the plate to easily bundle with existing heating pad wires.  Comes with a set set screw and threaded path to secure any cartridge you have the option to use) To measure the aluminum plate in case the "sealed-in" thermistor ever died and or you wished to have a backup temp reading. This can allow the use of any temperature measurement device that fits the standard 3x10mm long cartridge size, such as PT100, PT1000, K-Type Thermocouples, etc. 
  • Several M3 holes are treaded around the perimeter to aid in any clamping down of Glass or other such top materials
     (We don't recommend Glass usage with this mod as it corrects the problem the glass was used for - it is now perfectly flat and would only impede thermal conductivity - Unless it is for material adhesion purposes that somehow a PEI Flex-Plate wouldn't work for.)

Kit includes:
1x (1/4") or 6.35x330x330mm ATP-5 Machined Aluminum Plate with features as described
1x  1M long bead type NTC100K Thermistor. [For use above the heating pad - See Interactive 3D model above]
1x Grub Screw for alternate thermistor mount location [To Secure the optional Intra-plate Thermistor mount]

**The [Flush Mount]  Allowing you to also apply any thermal insulators to avoid heat being wasted downwards and retaining more of the heat within the bed, this recessed region allows you to then mount any such thermal insulator materials flush on the underside. (such as this more traditional example Here or Here, for a more sleek thinner material)
To the bottom side of the bed and it does not have the thickness of the heating pad to overcome for it to make a secured seal against the bottom of the aluminum plate, you can perfectly encapsulate your heating pad for the most efficient thermal conduction Towards the build surface! 

This leads to many of the issues people have when trying to correctly, precisely print new materials, and have precision temp regulation for ABS to a PEI Flexplate for example needing to know the BED PLATE Temperature is exactly 100C,  not the temperature underneath the printer heating pad which may state that it is 100C but the bed surface could vary by up to 10-20 degrees lower!   Another great benefit of this mod is not only that it enables perfectly flat first layer printing forever, but also the 1/4" thick aluminum acts as a thermal reservoir. Meaning the fact there is more thermal mass means there's much better much more even heating across the entire bed! Not just that most near the power source wires as can be the case with the stock Bed Plate having issues heating evenly to the edges of the plate.  (Not a problem here! - Note* Will Upload Thermal Imaging Video comparison soon, Until then -  if curious ask us about it it is amazing to see the uniform heating!) 

The Bed Plate is Machined from:
 ATP-5 Plate Aluminum - With superior surface flatness compared to Mic-6 plate.
It also has excellent chemical resistance and an increased hardness over Mic-6 plating, as well as not having a microporous structure which can lead to erosion and isn't as thermally conductive.  

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