Ender-5 Dual Z Mod - Premium Kit

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Give your Ender-5's stock cantilever bed the support it needs to not sag and create a non-level printing platform by adding our Second Z-axis to support your Ender-5's Bed From both Sides! No More Bed Droop / Sagging! 

Adding Dual Steppers also increases the ease at which the bed can be listed increasing fine motion accuracy!

(This Kit is Still a Beta Startup Version! Any missing support will come in time)

 - However, this kit will absolutely allow you to with minimal effort have a working Dual Z mod! We give this disclaimer just as small particular details may change over time!  Such as small things about how the kit is structured; These may change slightly over time as new resources become available to us and we can source parts at better pricing we will in turn provide those savings to our customers as we optimize this kit!

[E.g. Custom-made dual Z Stepper wiring coming with the kit from the start when we now need to simply share how you can do this yourself or buy a splitter cable on Amazon extremely inexpensively!]

     It is difficult with this being a startup and most things sourced all within US-based contacts of ours, and us making ALL PRODUCTS right here in the USA! The latter of which will Never Change! 

Lastly, We are glad to have your support, and ALL Our First Order Clients & Website Members WILL be receiving benefits for discounts on future items to come such as linear rail kits (for extreme precision movement), and coreXY conversion kits (for insane print speeds)!
* So Long as this message is visible at the time of order,  you too will get these perks for being a first-time client! *



* Bed Support Platform made from a 100% machined Aluminum plate, Never from Plastics or Cheap Composite materials! Meaning you also have the benefit of a more rigid frame! *

  • CNC Milled Plate Aluminum! Machined Right Here in the U.S.! 

Tired of photos never capturing the right angle for you to see the product fully? 
Try out our 3D Product Viewer!

View this Mod in 3D on Our Ender-5 Model!
- For Mobile, viewers Click Here to view in 3D in a new window if needed or see the fully interactive model below.

Hardware Included [ WITH FULL KIT Option ]:

2  x  10 mm Linear Bearings LMK10UU

2  x  10 mm x 450mm Linear Rod

4  x  10 mm Rail Mounts SK10

1  x  T8 Lead Screw with nut to match existing pitch  OR

1  x  5 mm to 8 mm Shaft Coupler

1  x  Nema 17 Stepper Motor

OR  Belted Drive Link - TBD

4  x  M3x10mm Socket Head Bolts for acme nut mount

24  x  M4x10mm Socket Head Bolts for Flange bearings and to connect

Not Included but useful Resources:

1  x  Creality Dual Z Motor Cable (parallels 2 steppers off 1 driver)

2 x   Anti Backlash Nuts or POM Anti Backlash.

IF Upgrading a Base Level Ender-5 Standard, Consider Higher resolution Lead Screws the Pro Version Features:

 -   2  x  T8 2 mm Pitch Lead Screws with

 (Of the Kit that's purchased here Installed for inspection in 3D)
 - Note: The bed support platform MAY have different cutout geometries than appear here, but it is functionally the same unit that spans from side to side - Cutout components are visible in listing photo 4 rectangular cutouts for weight savings, this may differ in style over time.

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