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Made From Mic-6 Pate Aluminum - THE MOST PERFECTLY FLAT OF ALL ALUMINUM PLATES Currently made, to have ultra-precision and a durable Bed Plate Platform! Pair this with our standard 1/4" Mic-6 Bed Plate, OR the N52 Magnetic Variation for use with flex plate building mats (Pei Flex Plates etc.) without the degradation of Chinese "Refrigerator Magnet" style adhesive pad that Absolutely is not suited for any type of Printing beyond PLA, as ABS printing and other high temp bed requirements WILL Degrade those agents, not just the strength but physically they begin to crumble and break up as the rubber-like material is heated over and over it becomes brittle and literally crumbles apart, this is why our bed plates include FULL METAL MAGNETS Implanted within the Aluminum plate surface that NEVER will degrade and do not interfere with thermal conductivity like the Large weak 'refrigerator magnet' type of backing used so commonly due to the cost savings for the producers that leave you hanging with a system that WILL NOT stand the test of time, as OUR systems do!.

With this Bed Platform, COMBINED WITH OUR BED PLATE (We cannot stress enough the importance of the combination. As using our heated bed plate alone isn't advised with the weaker stock ACM material, vs. Solid Plate aluminum (Highest Grade Available Mic-6 Tooling Plate) to replace the stock ACM bed platform..   

In our opinion both for the FT5, FT6 and ANY of our Dual Z kits for Creality machines..  That your first upgrade BE THIS PRODUCT!  Because it is the basis for your entire moving Print bed! Which must be as solid as possible to ever hope to get the print quality your machine IS Capable of with these upgrades.  But it ALL STARTS WITH THESE Bed support plates!  THEN Next we urge you to immediately ((While others offer Bed Plates, we have been the First ever to have done the R&D for the FT-6  printer and we do not recommend mixing and matching other manufacturer parts unless absolutely necessary as there are often added features we may include that are meant to work better together)   However, after ordeing this kit, I share this as a fellow 3D print enthusiast and lifelong 3D printing expert, when I say ORDER OURR BED PLATES!  For EVERY Machine we offer them for! 

As Once you secure the foundation, then you can securely hold the more hefty bed pate that will make your life SO MUCH BETTER! It's why we offer these products above ny others as they are the most fundamental upgrades to add to your printer, once you have done these upgrades you never have to worry about the first layer being anything but perfect EVER AGAIN!   

Unlike other providers that stated they wouldn't create a kit for the FT6 Lest it was a 1/2" plate ... We long since had already for years been using FT-5 & FT6 printers with intimate knowledge of the proper weight and what is the best solution as everything here I sell is something I PERSONALLY USE!    While others have ... LITERALLY copied our designs exactly, we have always been the original Source to fix these vital upgrades every single FT5 & FT6 needs to have changed out IMMEDIATELY!   

We Assure you that you WILL NOT REGRET THIS MOD!  Especially if you pair it without Bed Plates to remove any sag in the center (furthest from the bed mounting locations) caused by extremely thin usually 3mm thick stock bed heater plates! 

NOTE - For the FT6, we realize the 8-screw leveling system is positioned horrifically in the stock locations. Making it INHERENTLY IS FLAWED!

 In that, there is no arrangement to relieve strains and unevenness in the bedplate with the positions of the stock leveling springs... It just causes more problems than ever meant to solve. As the stock bed came with incredibly flimsy springs that prompted the use of more of them that OVERLY CONSTRAIN THE BED & any chance of decent leveling results, SO there (and possibly here to come) we may make the platform and the plate better designed - Please stay tuned, especially for the FT-6, stronger springs and 6x very-nice anodized aluminum leveling knobs allow you to work out all internal stresses in the bed that the stock arrangement guarantees there will be issues trying to level it just based on the geometry, and poor planning.  While we are doing a VERY QUICK Update of info here that will be revised and placed on the proper product. We wanted those shopping for this and other Folgertech Mods to know we are SERIOUS about this and have been perfecting highly modified variants of these printers that allow you to take a minimal amount of money to get out a printer that then is at the level of $10,000+ Industrial 3D Printers with extraordinarily little effort simply superior design!

 For Perfect Printing from the FIRST, to your Last Layer to be as perfect as is possible, you have come to the right place!!

NOTE, WE DO HEAVILY MODIFY OUR FT5 & FT6 Printers to become industrial-grade machines. Including a complete frame overhaul to use 2040 aluminum extrusions vs the thinner 2020 extrusion.  We will be launching our FT-6 G3 Production version soon with very heavy-duty Ballscrew-driven Axes and Large 16mm Guide rails. Also, for the FT5 [This Mod] we are going to offer options to upgrade from the very, inadequate 8mm thick Lead Screws and Guide Rails.. For those familiar with Raise3D Printers that have almost all the same features of the Folgertech Printers, Linear rails etc, better frame and stiffer more heavy-duty Z axis leads (ballscrews), and linear guides.  We see the value in increasing the rigidity in these machines as well as the results speak for themselves. 

          AS SUCH we will be releasing two levels of EXTRA, more appropriately Sized Guide Rails and Lead screw size combinations For a printer of this size!   

Stock Bed Platform as is ordered here is a direct drop-in replacement to use your Tr8x8 lead screws and 8mm guide rails/

Soon two new variants will be listed as options here for this kit (along with the ability to order base plates and Y-axis plates that mount the top of the linear rails to them to allow you to use and install thicker guide rail and Z-axis linear motion components!   Though, while we are happy to help sell you plates that allow for this swap to occur, it is something that we feel most people are capable of modifying on their own by simply drilling new flange bearing mount locations and a bit of dremmel work.. BUT we want to offer you TWO LEVELS of improved durability with this baseplate beyond the 8mm all-around version stock.

  • The Standard Version of this kit: Features mounting locations for 2x 8mm lead screws and 4x8mm guide rails. [Stock]
  • The Premium Version of this kit: Features mounting locations for 2x8mm lead screws and 4x10mm guide rails.
  • The HEAVY-DUTY Version of this kit: Features mounting locations for 2x10mm lead screws and 4x12mm guide rails.

    AND - We offer different gearing for the FT-5 V2-based belt joined lead screws so that your Z-axis resolution and torque both increases.
     Precision Z movements are vital to lock in levels of performance not possible before.
    ** We also work with customers to use other Lead screw pitch options based on the level of detailed movement they wish to achieve in the Z axis (Often paired with X&Y or [for CoreXY mods, A&B] Stepper motors to be converted from 1.8deg to 0.9deg steppers to double you're precision in the X-Y dimension (not including microstepping setting) but we specialize in optimizing Z axis movement that is so often overlooked or given lesser importance than it deserves!  So we do offer various Lead & Pitch options based on your needs! Sometimes these aren't options, but mandatory to maintain proper operation. Sometimes when modifying the Z-axis to have these plates as it should it does add weight and in some instances may require with use of Bed Platform + Plate combination (more so seen with the FT-6 as the bed is much larger) gearing or a change to different lead screws that don't strain the stepper motor as much so that rapid movements are still possible! We do recommend at least a conversion to TR8x4 Lead Screw AND OR Usage of 32T [to 40T] Geared Pullies to drive the Z-axis from the stock 20T Z stepper drive gear ⛮ [That Stock is 1:1 gearing ratio] That can add extra strain on the stock stepper motor and can result in decreased performance, especially when Frequent Z-Hops are involved in your printing. Speaking of Z-hops, this option to lift the nozzle quickly to not knock over a thin tall model etc, can have issues if anti-backlash nuts aren't applied in the downward direction so gravity + the spring force always keep the plate in contact with only one side of the lead screw and won't lift off when a fast upward jerk occurs in Z-Hopping maneuvers!  So, we also include anti-backlash lead nuts for our kits - and options for that will appear here soon. But if any of these alterations sound important to you feel free to contact us or leave notes in your order so we can reach out and discuss setting you up with a less-strained Z-axis drive system with a better design! 

    Besides Physically gearing down the Z-axis to convert more motion of the stepper into less motion on the Z (adding the torque but also many more possible layer heights you couldn't produce before with the set steps of the stock stepper motor and a 1:1 drive ratio) But other such improvements could be in increasing Z resolution by changing out the stock TR8x8  lead screws (move 8mm per revolution) to TR8x4 leads (with 4mm per revolution!) We even on some incredibly detailed machines have even used TR8x2 (2mm advancement per revolution) in place of the stock TR8x8 (8mm per revolution)

    NOTE: Our Professional FT6 Kit features 12mm Lead Screws [Or Ball Screws] + 4x 16mm Guide Rails.  [We currently use this on our FT-6 and on the secondary one that we have Increased the Total Z height to double that of the stock to around 800mm! That ONLY without increased Guide and lead screw sizes experiences no performance loss at all but gains despite being double the height to constrain the motion over!   For Power Users, please know there is much more behind the scenes we do that takes a while to make it to the website!  

I am aware this page is poorly composed and needs a lot of revision. But for those that are here for serious business and are hard-core users as we most like to work with - We feel it is better you hear the options we over all these years have been perfecting and, consider ourselves Z-Axis experts. Even coming out with such products as self-lubricating Z leads that do not need grease which attracts dust and grime and will degrade print quality over time. VERY SPECIAL coatings sometimes used on high-end firearms for solid dry lubrication of the slide mechanism we have begun experimenting with usage on our lead screws! This plus POM / ACETAL/ DELRIN Nut blocks we find are the best to use (Despite plastic not seeming as durable as metal the tolerances and friction coefficient are far superior with Delrin nut blocks ESPECIALLY OVER BRASS!  And if a metal is required; choose Bronze over Brass for use as Lead Nuts) - We are also branching out into experimenting with belted Z-axis motion. 

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